Started in 1966 by the Van Doren Rubber Company in California, Vans quickly became popular with surfers and skateboarders. Now 50 years strong and still ever going strong, the impact they have had on skateboarding is unprecedented. Styles like the Authentic, Era, Old Skool and Sk8 Highs are still in production today, 40 years later, just shows how popular they are and how they have mixed modern technology with original styles so well- its a great testament to their legacy. The release of their first full length skate video ‘Propeller’
featuring older team riders Geoff Rowley, Anthony Van Engelen, Tony Trujillo, Steve Caballero and the newer generation of riders Kyle Walker, Gilbert Crockett, Rowan Zorilla and Elijah Berle was hugely successful and confirms how well Vans seamlessly mix the old with the new. Off the back of ‘Propeller’ we have newer styles added to the line. 2016 saw the Kyle Walker Pro and 2017 is no different with the introduction of the Gilbert Crockett both set to become classics in their own right.

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