Polar Skate Co

Hailing from Malmo, Sweden, Polar Skate Co. founder Pontus Alv is the creative force behind the Polar brand. Ever since the first collection in 2011, Polar has produced some of the most original and stand out clothing in skateboarding year after year. Known for there love of all things 90’s and DIY aesthetic, in-house artwork ranging from abstract, naive graphics to hand painted watercolours and a mix of sweet pastel colours really set them apart and stand out from the crowd. But they don’t just rely on tee shirts and caps to endorse the brand, unique pieces in the last couple of years have included the Halberg Fleece Jacket, ’92 Puffer Jacket and the 90’s cut denim pants. They don’t just make nice clothes either, the team is stacked full of international rippers like Hjalte Halberg, Oskar Rosenberg, David Stenstrom and Nick Boserio powering the brand forward.

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