Way back in 2002 pro skateboarder Keith Hufnagel opened up his own skate shop/boutique in San Fransisco. He named the shop HUF, quickly becoming established as the place to go to for premium and hard to come across goods and skate brands. With the growth and popularity of the store, Hufnagel saw an opening to launch HUF as an apparel line, with skateboarding at its core. Over the years HUF has expanded from a small company out of San Fransisco to a world recognised brand, know for high quality premium clothing and accessories. With their love of fine American craftsmanship, vintage and retro inspirations and plays on recognised branding such as the UPS logo, they have an inkling for the finer things whilst also not being too serious. Regular collaborations with other skate companies such as Thrasher Magazine and Chocolate Skateboards alongside more mainstream brands like Snoop Dogg, the Peanuts franchise and High Times Magazine, have seen there apparel come to prominence and extend out to a younger audience. HUF really epitomise that do it yourself vibe that skateboarders and creatives have an affinity with.

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